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Sell Ambergris

If you are looking to sell ambergris, Ambergris Connect can either buy (depending on your logistics/location) or connect you with an appropriate buyer.

Ambergris Connect will respond to your enquiry within 48 hours.

We work with the aim to:

  • Identify any find suspected to be ambergris via questions, pictures and - if required - laboratory testing. We are currently the only company in the ambergris market that offers verification via laboratory testing and consequentially we hold the only existing database of ambergris-based test results in the world. All laboratory testing is free of charge to sellers utilising our service.
  • Provide any important information about ambergris and/or the way the ambergris market works so that the buyer stays informed and ‘in the loop’ throughout.

Data from samples that are sent in and confirmed as genuine ambergris, are sent to the Universities and Marine Mammal Conservation Organisations Ambergris Connect collaborate with, in turn contributing to ocean/marine mammal conservation. The data we collect also helps towards research on the origins of this product.

Initial price estimates for ambergris cannot be provided until after a full review. Be aware that in some cases this may require a full inspection of the piece conducted in person.

Things to be aware of when selling your ambergris:

  • Most (if not all) ambergris finds do contain water and only an expert can estimate how much a piece may be holding - most finds will contain up to 30% water retention.
  • If your find contains sand, we would need to fully inspect the piece (in person) to understand how much weight this may add.

When washed up on the beach, ambergris can sit unfound for months/years at a time. In some cases ambergris may appear porous; this is generally due to sand insects that eat into it (this is how sand filters into the piece - potentially contaminating it!)Storing your ambergris in plastic may also affect the price of your find, so never keep in plastic. Finally, always keep you find at room temperature.

Ambergris comes in a number of different forms, and only an expert can help you to understand the quality of your find. Never use media based information when trying to understand the value of ambergris, as all reported finds featured on the internet or in magazines/newspapers are inaccurately reported, and in most cases were never ambergris to begin with.

Before completing the form below, please visit our identification page (click here) as this will provide you with some checks you can do that will help us with your piece’s evaluation.

By using Ambergris Connect, you will benefit from options regarding buyers available to purchase your piece, any ambergris-based information you may require and (if requested) advice. Ultimately we work with the view that total transparency is paramount.

To enquire about buying ambergris tincture please click here.

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